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We are a collective of psychics, mystics, and seers.
Previously located on the fifth floor of a four floor walk-up in San Francisco's Chinatown, The Venture Collective of Mystics has moved their services into the virtual cosmos in order to better connect with our client's auras during COVID-19.

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Our psychics use the mystical tool of Zoom to communicate with our clientele.
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Whether it’s what you’re going to eat for lunch tomorrow or the identity of your soul-mate...The mystics will look into the great beyond and find something entertaining and possibly, but probably not accurate.

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Flip a card to find your future

Only a scientist knows that we are surrounded by PSEUDOSCIENCE and FLIMFLAM!! The real information is passed to us by interdimensional beings via a device resonating at Hausen’s frequency. Duh! Dr. Cat has the peer reviewed answer for you!

This gothy vamp barely has time for anyone else's problems, but she will listen to yours!  This romantic-at-heart throw bones and “bible dips” into her mystic books. Her advice will be sure to sooth your soul.

“Good Morning, Welcome to the Mystic Mystics, how may I direct your call?” Our switchboard operator is deeply intrigued and empathetic to the lives of our callers. If she can't solve it she will help determine which Mystic is “right” to solve our dear callers issues.

This new-age desert flower uses her glowing orb to see into the future and dispel bad vibes. Prescribes aura juice cleanses to clear out bad spirits. When the glowing orb grows dim she turns to her pink-sparkly cootie-catcher to solve her client's problems.

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